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Welcome to the TravelGrid

Voyaging representative never again needs to fill his paper frame to make his demand for travel. Neither does he have to convey the frame to his boss for endorsement.

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Traveling employee

Traveling employee no longer needs to fill his paper form to create his request for travel. Neither does he need to carry the form for approval. Traveler can view or print any travel request

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The Travel request approver of the travelling employee will find all the pending requests listed together on his TravelGrid screen as well as with triggered email notifications. He checks and clears the tasks swiftly one after another.

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Travel desk

Travel desk of respective location finds the ticketing request of employees waiting on their screen. In order to process the ticketing, he will have the clear instruction and employee’s travel details at hand at a single click.

About Our Company

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About TravelGrid

TravelGrid is an enterprise-scale Corporate Travel and expense management solution. TravelGrid makes the wide cross section of corporate function to achieve transparency and productivity enhancements quickly with it’s error free solutions. This enhances the company’s bottom line with effective cost saving.

Reliable & Trustworthy

TravelGrid provides the hooks for integration with your ERP. This will automatically links the travel request and expense invoice to the accounting entry system in the ERP module without any manual process.

Advantage Travel Head

Travel head monitors the company-wide travel from his desk. He is the approver of Agency invoices, for which all pending invoices are listed with full background information at his fingertips. Travel Head is able to monitor all cancellation and re-issue and related bills.

Advantage cash desk

When the Traveler comes to cash desk for collection of tour advance, Cashier already has the advance information on his screen. Therefore the cashier is well prepared with required volume of cash at his desk.

Linking up to ERP

TravelGrid provides the hooks for integration with your ERP. This means that, when an invoice raised by Travel desk has been approved, the accounting entry into ERP happens automatically without any manual data re-entry.


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