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The TravelGrid system completely automates the following aspects for both domestic and overseas travel:

Invoice Creation

Travel expense invoice is automatically generated in the system after the travel has been completed and all the expense deatils are entered and submitted for approval. It can be viewed anytime.

Alerts and Reminders

Last moment haste can be avoided by timely reminder mails and alerts triggering at every point during the travel request and expense invoice process.

Travel Request and Advance

Travel request and advance cash request can be done in advance by online form with all the necessary fields which can be linked to ERP accounting module.

Budget Control

The overall budget for operational cost of any company can be reduced by implementing online travel management system.

Invoice Approval

Invoice can be approved by the responsible approver by online system and it is traceable throughout the travel expense billing process.

Trace Approval

The immediate superior’s approval for travel and advance cash request can be communicated and traced by a single click.

Travel Desk Coordination

Communication between travel desk and the travelling employee is easy in this online travel management tool.

Audit Trail

Auditing of bills and expenses can be done as per company policy limits with necessary alerts.


The smooth flow of communication to all the respective departments is very easy with this tool.

Travel Expense

Travel expense report will be generated once the bill entry is done. It will be communicated to respective approver for approval once submitted

Cancel and Reissue

Cancelling of tour and reissue of new request is made easy with this online travel management tool through timely triggering of mails at each stage of the process.

Travel Analytics and MIS

We provide your organization the industry’s most outstanding and robust 360 degrees reporting, charting and analytics, with drill down capabilities to help you analyze spend.

Multiple Country Implementation

Set of rules for cost can be adapted for various nations tours.

Travel Policy and Approval Policy

Company’s Travel policy and approval policy can be followed strictly and smoothly with this tool.

HR and Finance ERP Integration

No separate communication is needed for the related departments. All the integration can be done automatically by linking it with SAP ERP module.